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Hackers everywhere! Treyarch do something.




Sorry for my direct and maybe a little bit harsh style, but I am mad right now. And the main reason for my madness is the money rolling machine guys at Treyarch studios! So called "community oriented game developer studio!" and it's support team. Come on, wake up.


I don't know about you guys, but I love this game. It is my favorite COD game of all time. Unfortunately recently this game is impossible to play on PS3 (I am sure it is the same case with XBOX) because of hackers. Whatever game type you play, whenever you login there is one guy (sometimes more) just ruins everything. I would like to ask Treyarch community.


Is this the way that you treat your community?


Is this the real passion and interest that you show your past games?


Is it only earning money and making profit, whocares about the rest?


Shame on you every minute that you just look and do nothing about this mess. There are a lot of people trying to raise their voice to you guys and all we get back is a DLC pack for BO2 right, and some fancy advertisement for it.


Shame on you.