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i have just recently started my own website and clan and i am recuiting legendzofcod www.legendzofcod.enjin.com

hi, i am called Mikey_H_Lad GODFATHER of LEGENDZOFCOD i started a ps3 clan and i am looking for members to join i am aiming to get this clan somewhere and make it as good as it can be we are recuiting for all cods i have been in lots of clans most of the best even ran my old clan DMWU whitch is still running my new current clan is called legendzofcod and is clan im never leaveing or giving up my website is called www.legendzofcod.enjin.com you have to sign up and fill in application form on website or if i know ure details i will send u invite if u sign up make ure username ure psn name also i am 30k in world on Bo2 and this oppertunity wont come along often for you and now is ure chance to join before its to late yes its level 1 the now but i have 3 members so far and with me helping we will be max level clan in no time.