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Introduct yourself. Newbie or Vet


Made this thread also in the BO2 forum But will start a new one year.


I'm dtuchpunk. 27 years, married, child on the way. From the Netherlands.


- pet rats

- music. from rock'n'roll to punk.

- Vynil

- buildin scale models

I like to smoke a cigar and drink a whiskey.


Came to the HQ in the WaW days. That's when I got my xbox360 and started playing cod alot.

Played cod 1 and 2 for a bit on pc. Most played game is Warrock. 2 accounts both with 300+ hours played

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    34 years old, father of 3, been with CoDHQ since it was CharlieOscarDelta (wasn't anywhere near active), playing CoD since it was Medal of Honor. Became somewhat active in W@W days, more frequently on the IWF. In a eternal struggle against teh nO_oB Militia.

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    21 years old form Iowa (US)


    Currently a volunteer firefighter, going to college to start a career as a firefighter


    I enjoy playing/watching baseball


    Started playing COD with WaW and joind the forums with impending release of BO

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    Male - 37. In middle of a divorce unfortunately. Been married 12 years.


    Originally joined MW3 forum as wec2010 then moved to BLOPS 2, now on here. I still visit BLOPS 2 forum occasionally. Couldn't access my account, so had to make this one a couple of weeks ago. Had about 500 posts on that one. Got to start again, ha ha. Don't post as much as I used to.


    Got my first computer in 1986. ZX spectrum 48k (plastic keys version, not rubber keys). Upgraded to Atari ST 520FM in late 80's, had it a couple of years then got Amiga 1200, (still got it). Not many games though as I got rid of most years ago.


    First experience on COD was first three on PS2. Thought Finest Hour and Big Red One we're great. Wasn't keen on COD 3 though. First online experience was on MW1 and 2 when I got my first PS3 in January 2010. Been addicted since. Although not enjoyed them as much since BLOPS 1 for various reasons.


    Got a pet rabbit called Steve, ha ha. I didn't pick name. I adopted him from pet shop and that's the name he aleady had. No point changing it.


    Anyway won't bore you all anymore. I'll leave it at that.


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    22.  Been playing games since Sega Genisis.  Started playing xbox back in 2006 with Halo 2.  Started playing COD with COD4.  I didn't play COD4 much, I was more of a Halo 3 player.  When MW2 came out I was hooked and put in 38 days.  I have been playing COD since because other series' just seem to get worse and worse while COD's decline isn't as steap.

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    I'm in college studying Math/Financial Economics


    I used to moderate some of the call of duty forums


    I read a lot of books, I currently play EVE online.


    Been playing COD since COD2 on X360.

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    I'm Genevieve and I currently live in Alaska.


    I'm 23 and I like hockey, dogs, gaming, skiing, and drinking.


    I've been called a flamer on other sites before but I'll behave here.

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    Took me forever to pronounce your name right when we were skyping.

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    kwama wrote:


    I like skiing.




    *facepalms* i love to ski (snow or water) and totaly forgot to include it in my posts. As it is one of my most favorite pass times i consider this quite a considerable fail on my part

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    No slack will be cut

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