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B0P. Clan w/ youtube channel and facebook, recruiting NOW!  [ps3]

I have finalized all things on my clan and am now recruiting members! Its called breach of peach, which I felt is appropriate due to the nature of the game and the fact I aim for a clan that will be remembered and noticed throughout the multiverse. We have started already on our way to success. We wanted everyone that loves to play and is good at it. Once we get some more members I will be setting up a facebook page for the group and a youtube channel, we will be posting highlights regularly as well as tips and strategies on how we do thing around here.


If you want to join:


  • Add me on PSN kyleigh1228
  • send on application to our clan "B0P" (make sure you use a zero and not an "o")
  • "you must be online regularly, not once a month
  • You must be willing to play with the clan often and when invited
  • must be willing to have fun and play along, not *****
  • there is no "try outs" but you are expected to do at least try
  • If you have a mic that is preffered but not required
  • I have uprising and revolution map packs so we are able to play those ( they are not required at all though)
  • If we get enough established members we will do contests and such with youtube and more
  • be proud of it and make a scene, we want to be remembered



** Leave you gamer tag/name and we will add you if you dont know how to apply on elite.