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  • 150. Re: Active Friends Needed

    Yea it would be cool .

  • 151. Re: Active Friends Needed

    Good games again Catania sorry i had to leave early had things to do but anyways see you next time oh and you saw me using the mini uzi lol i sucked but i wanted to get it in gold all i need is the uzi and skorpion lol i have uzi un blue tiger and skorpion digital

  • 152. Re: Active Friends Needed

    Ahah yesterday was funny

    Now I have to use all weapons, to complete challengs: I' ll be the weak link of the team xD


    Ps. I hate granade launchers -.-

  • 153. Re: Active Friends Needed

    xD yeah really funny and the glitch you did was cool love it then a guy killed you i was like nooo! lol but yeah I REALLY HATE NOOB TUBES wish they didnt even exist its nothing but cheap and it annoys the heck out of you when you get kikled by it

  • 154. Re: Active Friends Needed

    Tyler just sayin i love ur videos so funny and cool at the same time keep them comming if you have time

  • 155. Re: Active Friends Needed

    Gah, I lost all my skill again . I went 1 day without playing just 1 day and now I suck. My aiming stinks a bit and so does my position/map control. I still had fun with you though luis . (Just a bit upset with myself, nothing a bit more practice wont fix .)

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    Yeah man had fun had some matches in witch i lag like crazy but anyways it was cool i saw you play you were quite good but yeah practice wont hurt anyone me too i need to preactice like i ddidnt play for 1 day or 2 and i think i suck   i couldnt kill people with that aim

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    thanks lol, it was such a mission trying to get those 5 kills haha, the tubes, the host ended game, the sniper not working, the lag... xD i'll post a video tomorrow i think

  • 158. Re: Active Friends Needed

    lol yeah saw that i HATE it when i lag and cant kill someone but then when i try they turn around and spray me instantly and i die... but anyways yeah looking forward to your next vid Tyler ps: love your live commantary soo much fun watching it and the funny things you guys say

  • 159. Re: Active Friends Needed

    Sorry Catania if i quit had something to do but anyways it was fun playin with you you know me and the other guy who was asking me about my friend code the 10th prestige its because of him i changed my names into some random numbers it was my fc i hate how you cant send messages to people like on ps3 or xbox that sucks but yeah really hope we can play together soon

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