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Call of Duty Zombies - Tattoo Ideas


First off, if you think this is stupid, leave your comments to yourself,  I have many many tattoos, and have been saving my one arm for a sleeve.  Not knowing what I wanted for the longest time, so I kept it a blank canvas.


I have decided, after much thought to get a zombie based tattoo sleeve.  It's the only game I play, and have met some great friends playing this game.


Plus I think it would be badass.  And if you ask me what I'm gonna do when I'm 60 and got droopy balls, what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna hang around with other 60 year old dudes that are all tatted up and hard as f***. 


People get theme based sleeves all the time whether it be tribal or Chinese or stained glass concepts, so please leave your opinions of whether you think it's a good idea or not, to yourself. 


I'm looking for ideas from you guys.  Obviously I have lots of my own, plan to pull several things from WaW to BO2.  Curious if anyone has had a similar thought, and what some of your ideas would be to toss into it.  I play with a tattoo artist online so I'm hoping I can get him excited/intrigued enough to draw me something up and possibly do the ink for me.