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Now Accepting Clan Members!! Team Rated [R] (anyone welcome)


Team RaTeD R -- is looking for some good clean gamers to join the team -- This is a newly founded Team and we are just looking for players who want to have some good clean gaming fun --


We Do not care of your KDR is we just need players to Carry/Raise our Name Up and play against the best --


SO..if your sick of all the typical "test matches" and "qualifers" forget all that, just send an invite and we roll together -- no Rules!, no Catches! Just Gaming!


If interested do any of the following


A.) Add HoGsHaVeN88 on PSN

B.) Fill out Application on Elite - ( All Applicants more than likely will be accepted )

C.) Reply to this Message with your PSN ID



Again if your awesome gamer , thats awesome well take ya , if you suck -- so do i do join in and lets rise to the top of the charges my friends.