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MW3 Needs Better Playlist!!

MW3 playlist needs to be fixed now. Some modes are dead and no one plays that gametype. Collection 4 Shouldn't even be on there anymore! Would you rather have potential players playing the game, or looking for a match then quit because they think multiplayer is dead?


All that has to happen is to look at the popular game modes that people play. Then simplify the playlist like MW2.


Playlist Wishlist:


1 )Team DM

2) Kill Comfirmed

3) Free For All

4) Domination

5) Search & Destroy

6) Sabatoge

7) Headquarters Pro

8) Ground War

9) - Hardcore Kill Confirmed

10) - Hardcore Domination

11) - Hardcore Search & Destroy

12) - Hardcore Team DM

13) Dropzone

14) Infected

15) 1v1

16) 3v3


There are 32 gametypes right now!!