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Xbox 360 HeXx CLan Recruiting BO2 MW3 Need Moderate Trickshotters Minimal Requirements Making Montage





The title says it all, we currently have 9 members including myself please message the gamertag "tuidog" on xbox live for more info and don't hesitate if you don't think your good enough we will try you out anyway. Here are some basic requirments.


At Least...

1) 1 Gold gun

2) Prestige 1


3) .70+ KDR


4) One Trickshot/Kill Feed/Collateral Sniper clip


5) 12+ (Age)


6) Own a Mic (Not Kinect)


All these can stretch except #5 and #6 and only if you excel in other areas.

Please contact me send a message to tuidog on xbox live if you are interested I will get back to you shortly.