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Buried New Secret Perk Machine Found


Black Ops 2 Zombies Buried New Secret Perk Machine Found Vulture Aid or Damage Aid


If you look at the Launch video iyou will see a hidden perk machine on the buried gameplay,it was that well hidden was not seen by many straight away


Details about it are thin but the names are believed to be "Vulture Aid" Or "Damage Aid" this info was supposidly hidden in the black ops disk code,


We are also getting perma perks or permanent perks in buried as we saw that green mist on the launch video also.



We knew there was supposed to be some new perks we got Electric cherry as one of them

So i have not managed to get a really close picture but  that will be cool new stuff always is


what do you think it will do ?

Will it be as useful as electric cherry ?

How Much do you think it wil cost ?

What perma perks would you liken?


i can post this link as it backs up my details above and it shows the perk machine and the perma perk glow


Link  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieUBkH76me4