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White mabus, crash on load, crash using stones etc..any help? (error 13 at the end)


Hi guys. I'm having multiple problems in these days (started in summer solstice event).


In order:


-I've won surfer slam bam, now it becames a normal slam bam (I have screenshot if nedeed).

-sometimes the mabu appears white (blank).

-the games crashes when I use wish stones (in willy's pool)

-the game is very slow in loading


I've already cleared memory, turn off/on the device, install again the game. It seems that the cause is completly random because sometimes the game is ok and sometimes it remains unplayable all day. (device is iphone 4s).


Any help would be appreciated... I'm at level 30 and it would be very annoying if I have to quit!


Ps: sorry for any laguage errors