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Zombies tally marks appear to be broken...

Please note, this is only for the Zombies game mode of Call of Duty Black Ops II, multiplayer is fine.


This is a strange one, about 2 weeks ago when I logged into zombies I had some kind of message informing me that my rank was corrupted and that it would be reset (I can't remember the exact wording, it was along those lines). Nothing appeared to be any different so I carried on playing.


After a few days it became clear that the tally marks, the ones used to keep track of your recent activity on the game, were frozen at 4. I stopped playing for a few days and came back and they were on 4. I've now played for the last 4 days in a row and they are stuck on 4, when I should have 5 and a blue eyed skull. In the meantime, my overall rank went from standard skull to a skull with a knife, and back to the skull again.


I've just had a live chat with somebody from Activitision Support who assured me that the tally ranks are not affected by your activity on the game, but I would put my best friend's left testicle on that not being the case. So I am hoping that somebody (preferably from Treyarch, who knows their game and how it works) can help me figure out why my tally rank is stuck and how can I get it unstuck again!


Thank you to anybody who can help me figure this one out...