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Guitar Hero X-Plorer in Windows 7 64bit


Hello  I'm new here.... I bought Guitar Hero 3 Legends of Rock bundle with Guitar for PC. The thing is my Windows doesn't recognize the guitar, I have Windows Updated, and it searched drivers for the guitar and didn't find any. My OS is Windows 7 64 bit....and yeah, I already installed the Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories,etc... And nothing... can anyone help me please?

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    Reinstall the Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories program again in Windows XP compatibility mode. Run as adminstrator. I'm suprised you even got GH3PC to run on Windows 7 64 bit OS. I was under the impression it did not work at all.

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      same problem here. tried reinstalling in windows xp (sp3) mode, but it still didnt recognize the guitar hero x-plorer as an xbox controller.


      EDIT: and yes the game itself works on w7 x64 with the keyboard. its just that the x-plorer isnt recognized as gamecontroller and
      stays in the "other devices" category. (because of "drivers not found")