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Black ops 2 emblem glitch penalty


What is the penalty for that glitch b/c I was looking what a admin post and he say stats reset and perm ban...well like 3/4 did it so ya...and the glitch penalty say like if you get out of the map...can someone help me

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    because its a glitch and exploiting glitches is bannable offense, I would suggest reading what the rules are about doing so.

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      What I don't get is how will they know someone has actually done the glitch over watching a tut on how to make some of the awesome cool emblems on BOII. Obviously there are some emblems that have been copied via the glitch, but what of the people that watched a tut on how to make some emblems on youtube? To me it seems that it will be hard to detect whether or not someone actually did the glitch.


      I believe they should just patch it already with a simple hotfix and ban all the porn, hateful(discriminatory), and sexist emblems.


      And maybe the next game they make they should add an option to share your emblem with others. There are emblems out there that are very well donw but take too much time to make. Not everyone wants to spend 30 Minutes to make an emblem.

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        I just reported someone for stealing my emblem. I get that people don't want to spend more the. 30 minutes on an emblem but I worked on mine for over 3 hours trying to figure out how to make it. It's a shame that someone can get it that easily from me. If someone would ask if they could use it I would have had no problem with it. I asked that person if he stole it from me since it looked similar to mine. He replied he tried to make it himself and it did look a bit different. I looked up how to do the glitch and for the first time I copied someone's emblem. He had the exact same layers as mine so I can assume he stole it since its not on YouTube and its pretty difficult to create. I just reported him for scheating since an exploit is a cheat, game breaking or not. I know I'm guilty myself for stealing my own embl back. I just told him that I didn't think it was a cool move and that I reported him.


        A lot of people don't think it's a big deal. But is t it the same as every exploit? You work hard for something and someone just takes the easy road by skipping all the work? It's just not fair.


        I'd really like to see a patch.

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    Copying other people's emblems is just people being lazy. I do think that you should be able to share them though, if both people agree to it.

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      Aye. They should set it up similar to Forza's paintshop setup. The creator can decide whether or not people can use their emblem.


      Forza's setup is sweet, you have people making literally millions of in-game credits from making awesome paintjobs and selling them, and non-arty fellows like myself can have all manner of sweet looking cars thanks to them


      However, I am quite happy with my Pato emblem in BO2. Its drawn enough interest and wasn't hard at all to make.

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    My account got returned after a 6 day temp ban over the emblem copy glitch. Guess what? Account got reseted.


    To be honest I don´t care about my stats or even prestige master to be honest that much, but my snipers diamond just gets me on my nervs.


    Mostly when I´ve reported non stop hacked lobbies, boosting lobbies, people that shows they have 30k unstopabbles. People with 3 billon K9 units used.


    Anyway, broken game is a broken game.