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What does target assist do?


I was playing 1 day and enabled target assist and I noticed that when the crosshairs meet an enemy it kinda slow down a little bit. But when I watch YouTube they say " I was trying to aim in the right but it went to the left because there is an enemy there" well it doesn't work for me that way, mine just slows down. But in zombies it aims at the zombie when I ADS. So what does target assist do in multiplayer? Aim where the enemy are or slows down when enemy is one sight?

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    Basically, it guides your crosshair to the Centre of Gravity of the enemy player, normally around the stomach. The aim assists tends to 'auto-aim' at someone's C.o.G when the player wants to kill someone else. E.G. Player sees enemy from medium range, another enemy runs past at the player at a closer range would make the aim assist aim at the closest's enemy's C.o.G.


    I could be wrong though

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    This is an old video that I found when I 1st wondered about the effects of aim assist...  THis is an instance where seeing a video speaks more than words.


    I thought it would be relevant to your question.


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    One night me a few mates got massively drunk and for a laugh decided to turn aim assist off and play the game. Well the next day I had forgotten that we had turned aim assist off, I only realised 3 weeks later when I went through my options. I turned aim assist back on and didn't really find much difference.


    I don't think it helps a great deal. Maybe just centres on an opponent quicker but gets confused when you are shooting at an opponent from a distance and an opponent closer runs past, it switches to the closer opponent sometimes which can result in your death but not always.

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      If you have decent accuracy, yea it will not help much (I assume that you have good accuracy which is why you saw no difference). My accuracy sucks lol!


      One thing I did notice that really pissed me off the other day: I was "hardscoping" on a long target, and another enemy came into my line of sight totally pulled my aim right off the person who I was shooting and I missed both targets.


      I immediately remembered why I used to turn off aim assist when I was sniping (BO1)

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    best advice i can give you is to play a few games with it and then turn it off and play a couple more games.


    try aiming and hipfiring on both occasions.


    you will find out real quick what it does.


    unless you have pretty good aim by defeault ofcourse