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Stuttering in Multiplayer


I've not played since the last DLC pack came out and now when I get back into Multiplayer, I get random stuttering. I even noticed that other players on my screen were stuttering. I have a constant 120 frames per second, and it doesn't dip at all. I can confirm that no stuttering occurs when I go against bots. Maybe one of the latest patches has buggered something up? I dunno, I'm only guessing. If anyone else has the same issue and knows a way to solve it, please let me know.


PC Specs


CPU: Intel Core i7 930 @4ghz

RAM: 12GB Corsair Vengeance 1600mhz

DRIVE: Crucial M4 256gb SSD

GPU: MSI GTX 690 4gb

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    wierd worlds are these

    The game has been unplayable for me since the last patch as well.


    The game runs at a solid 120fps if I lock it to 120fps and doesn't dip below that at all, and if I set it to 200 or unlimited it hits the 200 and sometimes dip to around 184, but the game stutters like crazy.


    I have tried all sorts of things to actually sort the stutter out including updating all drivers and rolling them back to older ones, which made no difference, turned off sli, overclocked and underclocked cpu/gpu and ram and nothing helped.


    Went on to a 1Gb connection and down to a 0.1mb connection and the pings stayed the same and the stutter stayed the same.


    The devs have just made sure that people stop playing the game and move on to the next game, however given how bad this experience has been I cannot see many people jumping to play Ghost's and instead jumping, on to a different game or a older and better COD game.

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      I tried all the latest Nvidia beta drivers and rolling back some. Tried disabling SLI. Nothing seems to work.


      I'll get CoD Ghosts if there is a confirmed FoV slider. IW have never put one in game for PC. But seeing as Mark Rubin, the director said that the PC version has all of it's own assests instead of console stuff, we'll be seeing the best looking CoD yet. I just ******* hope they include that FoV slider.

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    I don't have the stuttering problem myself as long as I keep the FOV to 75-80; 170-200 FPS, all vSync is off, nVidia drivers 314.22, and not allowing nVidia Experience to change any graphic setting parameters.


    However, I do see the semi-invisible players all of the time even with them having 'okay' ping rates so my best 'guess' the problem is either their GPU rendering and/or settings i.e. FOV which are causing them to stutter. Occasionally, off-peak and when Hosting a Party with a player's poor connection/rendering issues I have had a few cases of horrible stuttering/lag to the point of moving backwards including freezes when a person in the party just loses connection.

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      I reckon it's the patch that's broken something to be honest. I've never had an issue like this before.

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        I've been experiencing the same more and more. One of my Friends stutters (is semi-invisible) and to him all seems fine, his FPS is high, but to everyone else he's teleporting several feet at a time making him a PITA to kill.


        So yep it seems like that patches over the past few days are indeed causing problems in-game. Shh I wish I had the same damn problem.

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    Hello there,


    This very well could also be a connection issue. How are you currently playing online, via a wired a wireless connection?