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How to make all 4 Staffs in Origins


There seems to be a LOT of questions about how to build these so I thought I would add some quick steps. Refer to the this thread to find all the required parts: http://community.callofduty.com/message/414742280


  1. Find all the Music Parts (Grammophone and Record)
  2. Build the Music Parts on a buildable table (*Not sure if you build it or just place it on the table and add the record)
  3. Put the Grammophone on the table in the Excavation Site to reveal the lower part of the area.
  4. Find all the parts for one or more staffs (Record and 3 others)
  5. Take the Grammophone into the proper elemental tunnel (see the signs)
  6. Put the Grammophone on the table at the bottom.
  7. Once the portal opens, go into it.
  8. Go up to the proper element and get it's crystal.
  9. Go back to the entrance and leave (avoid or kill any zombie guards)
  10. Navigate to the bottom of the Excavation Site and go up to the proper elemental area and build the staff
  11. Repeat for each of the staffs