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black ops 2 origins record


ok so i have watched almost every video i can about the red/fire record on origins. some games its right there and i find it no problem. but there are other games when it is none of the locations everyone is finding it. i know there are like 3 locations in the church(on the bench, and on the 2 ledges as you head to the generator, and a couple more right next to the generator and down in the tunnel by the generator. however every few games it is NOT in any of those locaitons. i looked everywhere numerous times, ive walked the whole area putting my crosshairs on every wall, crate and floor of the church, tunnel and generator area and nothing. ive found all the other records and parts in the map, so i dont feel like its right there and im not seeing it. i love that fire staff its badass and i feel like every game i want to use it its in that same spot i cant seem to find.

if anyone else is having the same problem or know of any other locations please let me know.