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Thoughts on Origins/Excavation Site 64


Hello everybody, today I am giving my thoughts on Origins as I have been playing it this entire week and I am ready to give my opinion on it.


First, I would like to say this, the campaign team did an awesome job! This map is soo much better than that crappy map (in my opinion) Mob of the Dead. The campaign team did not disappoint this time around.


So let's look at the negatives and positives in my opinion.



1. Wall Weapons: it looks like the campaign team did not learn from Mob of the Dead. They decided again to put the same weapon in FIVE different places. The MP40 is in like three or four different places, the Claymores are in like five different places, etc.


I do not understand the reasoning of putting the same weapon in different places because other weapons could have been there. I think it is more of them being lazy.


2. MP40: I hate to say this, but the MP40 sucks compared to Black Ops and World at War. I don't why but the gun just doesn't feel right in this game....yeah it is good for points but there is just something that I do not like about this gun.



1. Adding in new weapons: I am glad the campaign team finally added new weapons like the KSG, Ballista, SCAR-H and Skorpion EVO. I and many others have been waiting to see these weapons in zombies and they are epic!


2. Staffs: I am glad they add a way where players can get all wonder weapons and they are all epic! The Staff of Wind is my favorite, reminds me of the Thundergun


3. PhD Flopper: Nuff said.


4. Zombie Blood: Epic! I really enjoy this power up it is 10X better than Vulture Aid in my opinion


5. Weapons with Certain Attachments in the Mystery Box: I think this is a cool idea that should carry on into the next game but the only thing I don't like about it is that the MP40, B23R, AK74u are in the box when you can already get them on the wall, but I do see what they were trying to do and they should do this more in the next game where have EVERY gun in the box have a certain attachment already.





There is plenty more of positives to go, but these are just the ones that came into the top of my head. I really enjoy Origins what an epic map.


What are your thoughts?

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    Loads of fun. Love having my characters back. I like the things that keep you occupied throughout the rounds. The Panzer, and the Templars, that is. The EE is tolerable, but it's a one time completion EE, as there's no reward and continuing past the achievement will end the game. The steps of the EE are far more reminiscent of BO than what we've done on BO2. I like that.


    The map itself is great, there's plenty of options for those who are picky strategists. I enjoy running around Generator 6 with my Boomhilda, my ultimate lightning staff, and another gun(most of the time a wall gun if I don't get something from the box at the beginning of the game) I'm the only one who bothers to get the airstrike lantern things every game, and those are fun. :]


    The only thing I dislike is that the box has too many weapons, the odds of getting a...less than desirable weapon is a lot higher. But I solve that problem by simply not using the box.