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WTF is wrong with searching for games


I have played every call of duty since its inception many years ago but black ops 2 has giot to be the worst game i have ever played for getting into games.


1.     There are so many host migrations, red dot connections etc i began to think my connection was screwed and had BT looking for line  faults noise on the line etc  but nothing was wrong, so I then thought it was my xbox wireless (i have the built in wireless) so then I ran a   cat6e cable from my router to my games room, but I am still getting red dot multiple host migrations and now for the last 4 weeks when      it gets past 12am at night I can't join any games it just searches and searches and if after 10 minutes it can't find a game it makes me        the host and then counts down to game start with only me in the game then just stays waiting for people to join and this i have left up to      20 minutes with no joins at all, so then i start all over again. The longest it has taken at night is over 2 hours to get a game. But on the bright side i am reading more books whilst waiting for the crappy servers to work properly.


2,     So now i decided I really cant be bothered sticking with call of duty anymore, and as this is all i play my xbox 360 will shortly be smashed to pieces and mailed to microsoft uk stating that if they cant get the companys that build games for their consoles to actually       sort the way their games work online to give their customers the gaming experience they promised then they can keep their consoles as     i have also cancelled my xbox one order as i am not buying into this crap anymore.


3.     This also means i have cancelled my pre order of ghosts for both xboxs and am no longer going to waste time and money on a flawed system. But i am looking forward to taking all my call of duty games to my brother in laws and putting them into his shotgun trap and shooting them.