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What's going on with servers


All games are awful, lobby leaderboards wont load and game keeps freezing.


Anyone else in the UK having the same problems?

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    Well, i had some trouble logging on, but my leaderboards are really messed up. Both me and my friend from Brazil cant load the leaderboards, it just says "An error occured while reading leaderboard data."

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    Thursday night and yesterday afternoon and night gave up! Lag as bad as its ever been having trouble downloading L/boards, in a few lobbies from around Europe. Be in a game it runs ok the next lag lag lag, oh well maybe better later

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    Tha last few days I have noticed somtimes everyone calling card is displayed as the generic one you get when you first play, nothing that effects gameplay though

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    Same problem here, I'm from the UK also. Lobbies also seem really hard to find... Almost 400,000 people online and I can sit an an empty lobby for 5 minutes looking to join a game no problem, tried all "search settings" like they do anything anyway. But yeah, I didn't think it could get any worse, I was wrong.

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    Hi The_eon,


    Sorry to hear you were having an issue connecting to a match.  Please let us know how the connection is working for you now.  If you are still experiencing an issue, we'd like to help troubleshoot the matter.


    Thanks ^AH

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    why isn't there a leader board for HC TDM KC???

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    I've been experiencing consistent connection interruption in every game, game has been unplayable for me and unfortunate thing but it happens.

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    yes i think its like this accross the game

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      I know this is an old post but for future reference this might help


      Usually turning your router off for about 1 minute then back on will fix the problem, Change your search settings because I am pretty sure most people will have them set to best even players with slow internet. I still had lag when I set my PS3 into DMZ mode. So I decided to go wired and I never have problems getting into any lobby on any game mode. Take your PS3 off DMZ mode and Open up the ports to Black Ops 2 instead. That would probably be a better option. Although it says you have open Nat.These ports will probably need opening.


      I would turn the router off and back on first before trying to open the ports to see if it fixes it.

      TCP: 80, 443, 5223

      UDP: 5223, 3478, 3479, 3658

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    me and at least 4 of my friends all uk players and all seson pass holders, where ever this has a effect i do not no, but since the origins map pack release, yes i have exerenced a lot of lag, crashes and freezing, including motd not loading, one of my friends is not a pass holder and all works perfect no lag/crash/freezing, i dare to insult but bf3-4 seems better to me atm

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    Its seriously starting to annoy me to the point were am willing to snap the disk and not by another COD game again i didn't pay money not to play on maps, and its not that am not wanting to its impossible to play, due to the consistent lagging and when you can get going you get kicked a few minutes later!!


    Sort the lag problem out it wasn't there before so something recently most have caused it, isn't this why theirs a technical team?

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    The thing is when im being ripped off I'm not lagging,my gameplay is smooth enough i just cant get a kill. Essentially I'm just  behind the action. I think that's the confusion,  you don't have to have visible lag  to be lagging. The worst for me are the Spanish. I swear there is more than just lag going on. Sometimes all my bulkets hit and register but the guy dont die. Its like they have some kind of built in juggernaught going on. Its like the game is saying your connection is poor, we will give bigger hitboxes and you can take more damage. For me to get a kill with a sniper I have to hit them on the waist up. Some of these Spanisg guys get a kill as long as they are near they seem to have massive hitboxes on you. I give up...