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PS3 gamer looking for clan


I am a great player, k/d in bo2 is 2.21 and SPM is over 400. My main concern is I want my girlfriend to be in the clan as well and she isn't as good. Ideally I want a clan with a lot of players, and no kd requirements. I would like a clan that has mature gamers with an age requirement like 16 or 18+. We both have mics and are 21. If interested contact me via this page. ONLY post if your clan meets what I would like. Thank you.

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    Have you had that moment where a player finds a clan that caters to him perfectly.


    well check out 420Elite we have 6 different clans with 2 sponsors apply to any of the clans and you will be accepted and as far as your GF is concerned one of our adviser is a girl and we have many other girls in our clan.


    As for the age most of the people in the clans have families so you should be able to guess their age yourself

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      I don't mean to sound like a prick if I did, I am a nice guy lol just tired of stuff from my clan about my gf doesnt meet reqs. Anywho you guys look huge and I would be more than happy to join. Just pick any one such as alpha or fury and im in as well as my gf? Any reqs on activity in the clan to stay? How many active members roughly?

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        since we have so many different clans with so many members on each clan just add 4 to 5 members from other clans that way you will always have some one to play with from your own clan and other clans.


        You both will be acccepted regardless of your skills as for the same same clan itll say its better if you 2 join different clans that way if you feel like playing different people you can invite people from from your clan or her clan and play with them and of course if she wants to join your clan that is perfectly fine also

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    I Sent u a inv on elite, we are the fyc clan, 82 members been around since cod4, only 18+ yr old members, we'd be glad to have you both. Find my inv on elite and check us out.

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    Come check us out we have over 130 members on our community forums and are very active in game and out

    Zeonic Forces

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    Hi, my clan is called legacy ops, currently only on 3 members but recruiting as of now. My girlfriend is part of the clan too and also aged 18+. We have mics and aim to make lots of friends and just have fun :-) If you'd like to apply contact me

    would love to hear from you





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    ill accept both of you , if you wanna join put in an app the clan name is xDuS it stands for Dam u SuCK lol no requirements just enjoy playing the game with people who enjoy playin the game

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    Future ProFessional Clan. Searching for 18+ Leader

    IM looking for someone who is responsible, mature, and 18+, who think they have the leadership capabilities to lead a professional clan.

    this clan will be a very soon to be popular clan, you can count on that. If your willing to take the time and effort into pushing this clan to the top.


    please reply below.


    if you want to join this future pro clan, pls also reply below and you will  be given info on the clan.


    now first this clan will start off as a PS3/4 PlatForm Clan.



    if you want you can follow me on twitter @InternalLust for gaming tips and tournament info, if your clan is looking for tournaments to join.


    once the clan as been approved, there will be big contest and giveaways


    ALso if you are an unknown web designer or editor and would like a chance to be known for your skills, reply below


    FOr  everyone who Replies, pls email me at the.taln.station@gmail.com