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Need a ps3 sniping clan!!!!


Hey everyone!


I am looking for a ps3 SNIPING clan for black ops 2 and maybe mw3.




I am a legit prestige master.

I have diamond snipers.

I play SND and domination a lot, but really I don't mind any gamemode.

Trickshotting: 7/10

Quickscoping 7or 8/10


I'd love to join a clan to just be able to share clips with more people and get the opportunity to trickshot more


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    hi i am from a clan LoST

    u can join us

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    Hello, my friend and I started a clan named N1NJA ASSASSINS and are looking for members. I am working on my quickscoping and my friend is a great close combat fighter. We are friendly guys who love the game and want to meet other players who love it just as much as us.


    Add us on PSN:




    The link to our elite clan:



    We look forward to playing with you

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    Hey from 1 cod player 2 another i would have to say that it sounds awesome to find another quickscoper like myself and we can play together and u sound ligit and not like a try hard who i often see lying about their sniping skillz so i just started a clan so hopefully u can join                                                                                                                                              safe