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Shooting through Cover


In bo2 it seems almost everything you could shoot through , I swear one in nuke town S&D I got shot at the beginning of the match this means I got shot through two houses a bus and  a truck, I hope cod ghosts isn't like this I'll still buy it but won't enjoy as much as I would have

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    I don't understand the point of FMJ if you can already shoot through everything just fine, and also still have the same amount stopping power.

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    BO2 bullet penetration was terrible, it seemed like there were exactly two types of materials: Paper and Diamond. Some thin walls were impenetrable, and through massive objects you could fire through like it didn't even exist. I hope they improve it a bit. Personall I'd prefer most materials to be penetrable. it kinda sucks if you need to study which parts of the maps can be penetrated and which can't. And it would make headglitching less viable.

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      You forgot those magic invincible fruit bowls

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      I heard that.  FMJ says I get damage, it doesn't say to what.  We all know hollow points cause splat to body, FMJ goes through the engine, out the gas tank, and clips the thug trying to lift the car.


      If they made tracer rounds, and Im not saying they should, but .. They should make tracer rounds.  If you have never fired a tracer round, they are a site

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      It doesnt make sense two have just to types of surfaces considering all the materials that are in the map. The best thing would be to make bullets penetration based on the texture and the thickness of the surface, im pretty sure this is also they idea of developers but it seems its not easily implementable since as you said some surfaces seemed like paper and others like diamond. Also with this method you shouldnt really study maps since its pretty straight when you see a surface how thick it is and what material is made of

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    If there is no body armor, there isn't much need for FMJ.  Grenades can take care of people standing behind a wall.  Damage needs to stick with the caliber bullet that is fired.  Why would you mod a submachine gun so that is intended or designed to shoot up wood.  If someone is in cover, how far away are they from the wall?  Reduced damaged may work, but its a waste as a gun mod if you don't allow body armor.  The issue with that is when you are moving, and someone comes up on you and you fire and they fire, theres that bull..??!!!! I hit that guy.  Those encounters are so frequent its not funny.  For the most part it works.  I think theres a pretty good balance (in black ops) but Ive also noticed that aim assist and what I see down my sites are totally different sometimes.  I have looked right down my sites on my tac 45 and realized I wasn't hitting crap.  On the flip side to that I sniped many a foe with my pistol.  I mean I literally used my pistol to snipe with. 

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    lol express bullet proof elevator lol