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origin's crashing?


ok its not just some single glitch or crash or anything it just seems every time i get remotely close to completeing the origins easter egg theres some kind of error message or disconeccted to servers ext. i normally dont get pissed off but common it never happens till i get close to finishing it. more of a rant really but does anyone else have such bad luck? XD

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    Never happened to me on  Xbox 360. You didn't specify what system you are running (PS3/X360/PC?).

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    (PS3)Ok you know in the later rounds the wind tunnel over by jugger nog, when the foot comes it has frame rate problems that cause freezing. I would avoid this area when the robot comes even playing solo it happens, you think because you have the golden helmet it will protect you well it turns the game black and freezes up around mid 30's.

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    System? Bandwidth, NAT?

    Players reported Fire staff, Lightning staff, electric cherry to cause errors in high rounds, any of these are part of your strategy? And what round does this take place?