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First Class Patches


Been trying to get a couple of patches, the backstabber and the ripper-- and the thing is i've completed the tasks asked for the patches, what feels like 10 times over, and yet those two remain locked. I have unlocked the Survivor and Accident Prone patch, so i don't know what's going on with these two-- do i ahve to attain a certain rank?

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    I'm having trouble with unlocking a lot of patches too, i got the ripper early but not back stabber. things like 25 assists wont unlock for me either, plenty of challenges i know i completed. i wish there was a progress bar that you could see to to know how many more you need

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      This last patch changed a bunch of that, and I think it's CRAP! It used to tell you how much you needed to get said patches, uniforms, etc, but now most of them just say "challenge not completed", so I'm wondering if you have to have them listed in your CHALLENGES in order to get them, if so, screw that. That's BS if that's the case.


      Why can't we see our progress SOMEWHERE!? The app, in game, website, I don't care where it is, just let me track it! I never played the MW games, but I'm starting to see why people seem to utterly HATE IW...

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      OK, so I've done some research and did a little "testing" myself since my initial reply:


      If it says "challenge not completed" on a patch or uniform, then you haven't completed it yet (obviously). In order to do so, you have to do the challenges. Now, if you don't have it in your list of 5 (it is 5 right? maybe it's 6), then don't spend the point yet to get new ones like I did (and so many others have). So lets say you want to get a patch that tells you to get 150 kills with XX attachment, but it's showing you get 80 kills with Quick Draw instead.. Push down and highlight the challenge, hit X and a list of challenges pops up!!! (I know, right!?). All these challenges are ACTIVE, even if it's only showing you one of them. There are 5 classes of patches (something like weapons, gear, game mode and I don't remember the others), and each of those classes has like 15 total challenges that are able to be completed (even if not on screen).


      As for the rolling over (from another post) to the next one (going from Foregrip Kills I to Foregrip Kills II), it originally wasn't working, and the recent patch has since made it so they do roll to the next set. I also completed the get 3 knife kills in one life and it's listed in my challenges (after clicking X to "see more"), and it shows I have the patch, and says PREVIOUSLY COMPLETED CHALLENGE, so I will not unlock anything, but I still will get another SP once I complete it again. I didn't have the backstabber completed prior to yesterday, and I don't know if it was in my "extra challenges" list or not (prior to the patch), but I did complete that yesterday and I got my patch and what not, so it is working you just need to make sure it's somewhere in your challenges. Hope this info helps.


      OK, I think that was all I had for now.

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    The patch you want to unlock has to be in your operations for you to get it.

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    too complete challenges you must first have them in your operations list.


    you can pay one squad point to swap the operations in each list and select one to keep scroll down selct one and it will have a yellow bar next to it that ten shows on the list of 5 main operations.


    Each of the five operations is for a different type of operation click those and it will open the sub list of all the operations you have for a particular type of operation

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    Does anyone know how to get the [141] One-Four-One Task Force Patch? I don't even see it in patches, but I've seen other users with it. Is this a hidden achievement like diamond camo was in BO2?