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Hardcore mode


I Like it. I just would like more modes obvious. But also, I'd like to see the point register when I kill somebody to make sure I got the kill. Or even put killed - so and so - like bo2 did. It just sucks shooting from say a long distance and constantly having to look at the kill feed to see if you got the kill or not. Other than that I'm loving the game.

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    ive had the same problem i got the first 3 kills in a match yesterday but didnt know until i pressed the back button to call up the scores which got me killed even if the points just popped up it would help just so u know u got the kill

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    Agreed, its very annoying when you can't see if you got a hit marker or killed the guy and he is waiting to kill you.

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    I agree however, if they don't change it, I feel I can grow to get used to it. I felt the pain of it last night when shooting someone behind a corner, I kept shooting without realizing I had killed them because the kill feed moved so fast due to one of the killstreaks being out. I felt kinda silly when I realized I killed him.