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Sat coms for camperss


Alot of people are complaining about campers in ghosts. As if its the first time for an online multiplayer having them. Big maps doesn't mean its a camp festival esp. with all the perks that you can equip. Aside from the fact that you can easily hear footsteps, point out dead allies, ai scorestreaks that eliminate targets automatically,  such as vulture/dogs, and the use of communication to spot and kill a camper... people still complain about campers.


In ghosts, there is a scorestreak call Sat com. Which is in both assault and support categories.  These sat coms point out enemies on the map. The more sat coms your team has together activated,  then the more accurate and consistent is the radar scan. Sat coms only needs 300 points to use. Kill three enemies and set. You can also use perks to use the enemy team's sat com to accumulate over your own. You can make it 200 points with the scorestreak perk.

Its pretty lame to get killed by a camper with all the leverage on your side. I am not saying there isn't.  I'm not saying it's not annoying.  Im saying its easy to take them out and most likely sat coms is your best and most safest way to go.


The new tacticals like the 9 bang flash bang allows you enough time to sweep a whole room of campers. Use the map people, use your skills and you wouldn't suffer from the campers.


Ps camping is a beginners tactics... it's how new players start to walk. So most campers have no idea what you are capable of doing. Be creative and you can't lose to the campers.

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    You stated that "camping is a beginners tactics".


    I am not a beginner to the Call of Duty series (Max Prestige: MW, WAW, MW2, BO, MW3, and BO2), and I enjoy camping. I don't camp on every map but I do camp a majority of the maps on COD Ghosts. I enjoy wiping out any hopes of an opponent getting a kill streak, as they are running aimlessly or even strategically around a map looking for a kill. All the while I am ADS with my thermal scope and silencer on my LMG watching their glowing white silhouettes turn dark as my bullets hit them from across the map. I'm the guy who will go 44 and 1 on HC TDM and enjoy hearing the losing team explain to me how I don't know how to play the game...LOL!!! I play to win! So when I hear the comments from the losing team whining to me that I have no skill…I just look at the lobby leader board and compare the number of Kills I got from their team and the number of kills that I gave their team and just laugh.


    I can only speak for the game mode that I have the most experience playing (HC TDM) and the objective of the game is for your team to end up with more kills than the other team in order to win. As I stated before I enjoying winning and am pretty good at it. With over 600 matches played I have an 89% win percentage and have racked up over 8,000 kills with a KD of 3.72.


    You bought the game so you could play it anyway you wanted too and have fun…so did I. So let's stop with the implied negativity with term camper…the reason I say this is because it can only benefit the person using it with a negative connotation. How stupid do you think a person who just got their butts handed to them by somebody who camped to call the camper a "no skill/P**** A** camper". That "no skill/P**** A** camper" just owned that person and they want to call the camper out as having no skill…if skill was based on losing more than winning and dying more than killing then their point would make sense. Happy Camping!!! 

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    Jullzwolf, I see your point about people needing to stop complaining about snipers and just use their skills and the tools provided to deal with it.


    I also have to admit, I think Blackhawkbill007 has a point.


    This is the first COD game I have ever played so I am new to the series.


    But it seems pretty obvious from the way IW has designed parts of the maps and the way they have designed some of the rifles and scopes that they consider hiding and sniping (what I guess some people call "camping") to be a valid and important part of the game they designed.


    So far, from what I have seen, I think the balance of weapons and perks and how they encourage all the different play styles (including sniping) is pretty amazing and put together well.

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    campers are not a problem it is the people that don't want to use their brain and take out the camper instead they want to complain day in day out

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    to add to that there are tons of different entrances to a single building on top of that you have tons of different equipment and streaks that you can use  to flush out the camper so you really have no reason to complain, and if i play blitz and i find a camper who is no where his zone, but just sitting there camping i let him be and just keep capping there zone, he is not helping his team is not winning and he is part of the reason why, so he can brag all about his KD in the end i got the win so who cares

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    My problem isnt so much with someone camping IE: Holding down a building or area its more with the person who sits in a corner "off the beaten path" ADS'ing in hopes someone will run by.  What if all 12 players in that game did the same thing?  I am pretty sure everyone would die of boredom.


    You guys are correct that you bought the game and can do as you like but when you log into multi player and go online your play directly affects everyone elses experience. 


    Its not on the same level obviously but I am sure "hackers" could make the same argument that they bought the game so can do as they wish.  Everything you do online directly impacts everyone else in that match.


    Like I said campers dont typically bother me and if thats your style then more power to you.  Just keep in mind how fun the game would be if everyone camped and nobody ever moved.

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    You are exactly right…If I'm camping and holding a spot down with little to no resistance I'll keep doing it. When a worthy opponent starts lobbing grenades, flash bangs, and noob tubes at me I know it's time to change up because the camping is not going to work…I have a lot of respect for the players that can break down a good defense.

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    lol i would love to see that happen, players begin to die and you look at the killfeed


    RAMBONER- died out of boredom

    FrEaK-died out of boredom

    camper101_died out of boredeom

    RLBL- died out of boredom

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    Ha would be funny.  Lucky for me I was playing a lot of cranked so guys literally "die of boredom" if they just wait around to much.

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    they kinda messed up this mode lol, the maps are big for such a low timer lol, i was so close to a hind and died one off cause i couldnt find anyone and who ever i found got stolen by my teammates lol FML

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