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Why do teammates do this??


  So there I am sniping from a nice little area I found and the only one on my team that had not been killed. No one can find me I am pigging them off one by one and then it happened. Some idiot on my own team runs up to me and starts shooting and everything givving away my position and gets us both killed. This happens alot and i cant figure out why. By doing what I was doing camping and sniping i save 3 teammates and helped us pull ahead so why does this happen? I am not a qs i suck at at I grab a sniper riffle and use it the way I know how wich is camp and snipe. So who else has had this happen to them? Do this idiots like losing or are they just that much of a ^%&$? lol

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    most of the time its just to piss u off, but honestly if i had a whole team that was just snipping in KC and not picking up tags, i will go give there position away as well just to get them moving and start grabbing tags.

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    Oc KC i can understand but i been playing nothing TDM doing operations and trying to unlock stuff for my sniper rifle. What got me this last time is it was actualy someone i saved from getting knifed lol hell of way to say thank you i guess. I was almost up even on kills with everyone else but only one that less than 5 deaths less as in 0 deaths. It happens alot and mainly by players that qs (to me is completely stupid) <just my opinion. But hey i dont go around throwing smoke or anything else that screw them up while they are on my team or mybe i should lol.

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    Just being trolls.... Same as killing a teammates dog or sentry gun in hard core. But hey... IW supports this behavior by making it possible to do so.

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    I did not know you could kill a teammates dog on hardcore interesting I will have to remember that for next time lol. Now dont get me wrong I dont do things just to screw with teammates but rather to get them back for screwing me in a game lol.

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    Because some players don't understand that this is a respectable way to play the game. They think sniping is camping which is a big no no in the world of first person shooters.


    Besides the fact that you're playing with random, impatient, and immature teammates. This is the serious perspective.


    On the other hand, you could have just been getting trolled by a kid having fun getting a rise out of you.

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    I'm not being funny, but I do that to players who I feel are not playing as part of the team. Just today I had a guy on my team in core who went 15-1 with 1 cap (the initial flag) 0 defends. I know you stated you were playing TDM and as a K/D orientated gametype, that's exactly how you should play and I appreciate a good sniper covering my rushing style of play. As long as a snipers K/D in TDM is decent and by that I mean a good amount of kills to deaths..not like 2-1 for a whole game..then I certainly leave them alone. Objective games are a different matter though.

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    You need to reread my post my hostile friend. My shocked face "" was to exaggerate and be sarcastic. But thats ok, I hope you feel better now.


    I don't have a problem with how anyone choose to play their game.

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    Well.. to say camping is a big no no.. I take offense to that. I think running around like a spaz is a big no no! At least in all games except FFA.. there nobody cares if you suck! For instance, whats the objective of TDM?? Is to be the team with the least deaths?? AM I RIGHT?? Soo.. if you wanna run around like an idiot and go 22-27 or 20-20 every game.. that really doesnt help the team.. no does it? Where as the guy who is playing smart and goes 33-3 every game.. thats another story.. .. My point.. 70% of people you cry camper.. SUCK at the game.. They are what we call RANDOMS, RANDY's or TRASH.

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