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Join us the xNight_Assaultx clan together we will become the best... We are a ps3 bo2 & ghosts clan read more!!! & Apply now


xNight_Assautx I have started a black ops 2 and ghosts clan that basically needs more members.



Positions that are open:

-We need a Youtuber

-A premium member

-A clip editor

-Any other members, all excepted



-Mic (optional)

-K/D of 0.75 or above in bo2 and a K/D of 0.70 or above in ghosts

-Must be 13 or above

-Must be competitive but willing to have fun at times


How to Join:

-Add MachinegunLEGEND

-Apply to: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/12197590

-Put the game modes you like to play

-Put how you play ( camper, Rusher ,Quickscoper , Lay back sniper ) We need all of you no matter if you are a camper rusher etc.


Apply, guys no matter what we will always want you in our clan.

.We have 6 members so far

.Emblem will be up by friday

.Our K/D is 1.16

.We are competitive and fun



-Unique titles

-Unique emblems

-Cool people to play COD with

We are xNight_Assaultx on COD elite & xNight_V3ng3anc3 on COD Ghosts