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Knifing: automatic commando


The knifing in this game is just atrocious.  First, they brought back the knife lunge, which, honesty, should never have been in the game in the first place! BO2 took it out because the community asked, because the knife lunging was crazy! and what does IW do? bring it right f*cking back.


What makes this knifing so much worse is the fact that when you're getting knifed, you cannot shoot, because they grab your body then push it off the knife.  So basically, once that lunge is triggered and initiated, you die instantly.  Multiple times in every game i am killed from about 5 or 6 feet away instantly because they panic knifed and triggered the lunge.  I won't even have a chance to shoot one bullet.


Then again, knifing is just one of a million problems in this game, which I can safely say is the worst CoD multiplayer i've ever played.  Its like they went backwards! i feel like we had this issue before and it had been DEALT WITH. why is it an issue again?!?! i mean holy sh!t, do they even listen to the community about any of this crap?!


Thank god for BF4, at least one video game series can get it right.

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    LP_UND34D_47 wrote:




    Thank god for BF4, at least one video game series can get it right.

    Then go to BF and play that perfect game and have fun man.

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      ^This right here.


      If you think it's so bad, then don't play it and stress yourself out, play BF4 if that's a game you ACTUALLY enjoy. I understand that people who complain still play the game because they genuinely do like the series and are upset when bad mechanics are put in, but skipping Ghosts won't kill you if you actually think it's that bad. It's not a big deal, man.

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    They take multiple opinions and your opinion is only one. Many people complained about knife lunge, which is why BO2 took it out. However, if you were here on the boards for BO2, you would have read how many people complained that knifes were useless. IW decided to keep it, Treyarch didn't. Two different companies. Two different games. If this game isn't for you, like you said, you got BF4 and you should go play that if it makes you happy.


    You feel they took a step backwards, I say they took a step in the right direction. Opinions will differ and not everyone will be happy. This time, I am happy with the game.

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      I wouldn't say the knife itself was useless in BO2 like many like to say, but really because the lag was just HORRID in BO2, way worse than it was in even MW3.


      Though, in this case, I can agree that the knife lunging IS pretty ridiculous and really illustrates what BO2 tried to lessen from MW3. I've tried it both online and against bots and you are able to get knife kills from almost a whole prone body away sometimes (which is why I find the Maniac Juggernaut to be quite lethal).

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    I said this in another post:


    The knifing in CoD is a catch 22.


    Without lunge you'll find yourself standing on top of the enemy missing every time easily. The enemy will hear you and turn around getting an easy kill.


    With lunge you gain the ability to kill targets you have no business killing or leaping through gun fire taking obscene amounts of damage and killing someone who should have killed you 3x over.


    At least now there's a delay and you can't go on knifing rampages. The action takes time and I think that's fair enough.

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    knifing in this game is worse than atrocious, much worse.


    in reality 1v1 knife vs automatic weapon is an epic fail for the knife idiot.

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    Don't bring a knife to a gun fight. It called a first person shooter.