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Custom Camo idea. (must read and important!)


Dear all fans of the Call of Duty community.



You'll all thought that you boys and girls noticed about the rumors about this unknown custom camouflage that you'll unlock in prestige 10 right? Wrong, Infiniti Ward were stupid enough not to put this option for selecting any random weapon you have in GHOSTS and selecting the camouflage option for whatever camouflage you'll like for your weapon.


It kinda sucks that Infinity Ward never put the custom camo on GHOSTS because a lot of us boys and girl, including me would've been going crazy making different crazy-ass designs for our weapons.


If you guys want to tell Infinity Ward to put this custom camo option in the camo selection, asked them to put it in the 1st DLC map pack, tell them to put in the textures and the colors for it. But you have to go on youtube, type in Call of Duty GHOSTS custom camo video and click into this guys video (MW3 Stream 1st COD GHOSTS community channel) to find the list for the camo, and type it down to notify to Infinity Ward so they could put it in the 1st DLC. Ask anyone in PS3,PS4,XBOX 360, and XBOX 1 fans to also notify to infinity ward about this idea. It would be an honor that if you guys notify to infinity ward so thanks.

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    Why is this important?


    A good reason that I can come up with as to why not allow custom camos would be to look at custom emblems on BO and BO2. I don't need every gun I grab to have a stylized penis as camouflage.

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    Why was this a "must read"?

    THis isnt something urgent.

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    Thanks for wasting 15 seconds of my life reading this

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    men dont give a rats ass about cosmetic stuff in video games.


    woman maybe...........


    boys should be at the age when something else is more important and girls at the same age should be worried to sticking to their principles if they have any.

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    Not sure why you are getting these replies that are really immature.


    I very much liked the emblem creation function in BO2. I have seen amazing stuff done. Really great art. Granted there was the occasional penis and other kindergarden stuff, but the majority I have seen was great.


    I too was a little dissappointed when it was not included in Ghosts. Creating a custom emblem made me spend more quality time with the game, especially when too angry (about in game stuff/flaws) to actually play.


    I also support the idea to bring a custom emblem function  back. As soon as they fixed other, pressing issues, e.g the spawning and so many other things a lot of people seem to struggle with.

    I agree with the comment of a user in a different thread that as a player I have to adjust to the game rather than the game to me as a player, but i cannot do anything about getting killed over and over again when spawning in a really less than ideal place.


    So please, other users, state your opinion without being insulting.