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Lack of game modes on HARDCORE cod ghosts




Been thinking about getting cod ghosts for my xbox one


I'm a hardcore player  on all fps


but the lack of game modes on cod ghosts hardcore is annoying?!


why only three game modes?


why not have all the modes which are available on core be available on hardcore?


Very annoying that infinity ward seem to think the hardcore mode is not important because most cowards play the game on core because they love the minimap!


Your thoughts please people


Jack Bauer1 CTU (Xbox One)

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    I've been playing HC since MW2.  I just wanted to put that out there before you think I'm a core player trying to hate on HC, haha.


    First, there are four HC game modes now.  They've added Dom to the HC list.  And there simply aren't enough players right now to support more HC modes.  I play HC KC almost exclusively and since DOM was added a game mode that used to have 3,000 to 4,000 people playing it often has around 1,100 to 1,500.  Can you imagine how much more segmented HC would be if they added more HC modes?


    I am always in favor of adding more HC modes, don't get me wrong.  But now isn't the time.  Not with the smaller number of players playing currently on the One.  Couple that with core being more HC-like (less damage to kill) and I honestly think we've lost some HC players who have switched back to core. 


    In a year or two...when more players have moved over to the One...I think adding more game modes to HC will once again be a viable option.  But right now there just aren't enough of us to make it a viable option.


    Just my .02.

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      it is best to just have all the modes available on hc anyway. if hardcore blitz is available. people will play it. make all game modes available and there will be more players to play it

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        i wish theyed bring back headquaters too ive played that alot lol

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        Is it possible to agree and disagree with you at the same time? haha


        As I stated before, I'm all for having far more game modes in HC....eventually.  And I agree with your 'people will play it' comment, too.  I'm just afraid that not enough  players will play the proposed added HC game modes and HC would become even more segmented than it currently is.  And while I agree that some core players would indeed make the jump to HC if HC had all game modes, there are still a lot of people who like the magic healing powers of core who would absolutely hate being tagged with one or two shots in HC and dying.  They might visit, but they wouldn't stay long. 

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    I'm with you man, they deff need more game modes to play hardcore on. Most people play core because they are not fast to the trigger, so in core it gives them a chance.

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    Its just never gonna happen. they do it based on percentages of players who play types of game modes.  And this is coming from someone who has only played HC since BO1.  I hate core.  


    When your on here, add me, Tainted Jedi.   I do well in HC TDM

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    A couple of thoughts on Hard Core.  I agree please add HC Blitz, Cranked, and Hunted.  But more importantly please add the points in the center of the screen when you get a kill in Hard Core.  It seems the hit markers are a bit buggy and putting the points up would help in recognizing you have put a guy away. Thanks Keep up the great work, Infinity Ward is Infinitely better than Tr_ _ _ _ _ _.