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How to end "Quickscoping"




Now in this video we see that a man known as ELPRESADOR is "Quickscoping" in COD: GHOSTS.


"But i thought that quickscoping was unviable?"


Well apparently it's not, now in the video we see elpresador getting 6 kills with almost no time for the enemy to react. (except for one point where he got a hitmarker, but was still able to kill the enemy he faced.)now this seems pretty OP.


Now i know that the company IW said that Quickscoping isn't good anymore, well if a 20-40 yr old man who doesn't snipe very much can do it then i think anyone can do it. (Im looking at those annoying little kiddies screaming into the mic.)


The solution???


Now if you have ever played the game League of Legends you will know of a certain character that is universally known for one thing. That character is Nidalee. Everyone characterizes her for one skill, Javelin toss.

Now javelin Toss is special for one reason. IT GAINS DAMAGE AS IT FLIES. Meaning players are rewarded for hitting really long range spears.


What does this mean??!!?


It means she is the games definition of a sniper.


But in Call of Duty, snipers have a flat damage throughout its entire range.

and other guns lose damage over range.


Well snipers should be different, I think you should be rewarded for staying far away from your enemies to get kills.


So i'm proposing that snipers should start out with low damage at very close range, gain enough damage to get one hit kills to the upper-chest and head at medium range and then get the damage to get one-shot-kill anywhere at LONG range. That way if someone does catch you off-guard at close range YOU WILL DIE. You should also have no auto-aim for the first 2-seconds you scope in.


There IW, there is your answer to Quickscoping.

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    You know what would happen if IW were to do that? All the little kids and nolife youtubers would start to cry and send them death threats. IW in turn would roll back the snipers to how they were before the patch. Quickscoping will alway be in COD because the franchise caters to the lowest common denominator.

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      They wouldn't rollback the patch, if they did they would lose more then they would gain they know that. even though the little kids and nolife youtubers would remain, all the inbetween players would leave, which is roughly 60% of the population. which would lead to only nolife youtubers and little kids. the nolife youtubers would start stomping the kids and the kids would eventually quit. which would only leave the nolifers. Then they would have noone to stomp and thy would quit. it would happen they need to start catering to the majority.

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      Drawcansir wrote:


      You know what would happen if IW were to do that? All the little kids and nolife youtubers would start to cry and send them death threats. IW in turn would roll back the snipers to how they were before the patch. Quickscoping will alway be in COD because the franchise caters to the lowest common denominator.

      You got that right. So sad. COD started out as a quality FPS game. Now it's dying on the vine so that little squeekers will stick around longer. It's the dumbest business decision ever made for a game like this.

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        What the hell was the 'business decision' you even speak of?  I mean, really, you didn't say WHICH 'choice' they made, you just said "This is the worst choice they could have made." WHAT CHOICE?

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        Incorrect, it is the best business decision for a game like this. Activision is a business, not a ******* charity.


        The decision was to target the younger demographic rather than make the game a smaller percentage of the community wants.

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    Um no cause if they do something that stupid then I want SMGs shots to be useless past short range and the Assault Rifles to be useless at long ranges and at short ranges then I want the Marksman Rifles to be 7 hit kill up close and 4 shot kill at Medium range then I want LMGs to only work when they are on the ground proned then I want the shotguns to be useless past knife range that's your definition of balance what a game this must be. No is all I can say not being it get's rid of quickscoping cause it's not hate to break it to you basically quickscopers will only use their secondaries up close then practice long range quickscoping then bam you get quickscoped and you come on here proposing that they make snipers 2 shot kill at all ranges because you refuse to adapt. The worse part about it is garbage players like you want smaller maps so sniper rifles would be useless if they did something this idiotic and irrational. Learn to adapt or sell your game it's a mechanic everyone can do so it's not an exploit or glitch or cheat. If they remove the mechanic itself you would even hate it because then becomes Unreal Tournament type aiming where you have to hit the aim button twice to go back to hip fire mode. Sniping in general is too easy they don't need to do your idiotic idea to hinder people who use the snipers they need to remove aim assist and sticky aim then they need to add way more sway and flinch then bam the snipers are balanced and everyone but the unskilled are happy cause even the good quickscopers and snipers are saying they are annoyed about how easy it is to do.

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      I think this guy is some kind of special mad, SMGs are already balanced for long range. SMGS have less damage at range and generally have more recoil, while ARs are jack of all trades mastery of none. I don't want smaller maps, I'm all for extremely large maps. LMGs are balanced because they are slow moving and force you too lock down one area and Marksman rifles are just  another class for single-shot ARs basically. Shotguns are already shortrange and have no damage to get to medium range.  Before you go making assumptions you should just discuss the thread not rage like you just did. It's a PROPOSAL. meaning a suggestion. I think it would be a good change,mostly because the game is a fantasy shooter but they take it serious like a realistic shooter

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        Okay so I didn't rage at you I only attacked your irrational idea it's not going to balanced the game. Why because all guns go out of their intended ranges and all guns have sticky aim and aim assist so by your logic of balance all guns should get nerfed as well cause if the snipers receive a nerf of this magnitude then all guns should have it happen to them. Like I said they need to remove sticky aim and aim assist then add sway and flinch and idle sway making quickscoping only for the pros while sniping won't be for noobs anymore. And no I am not some quickscoper wannabe or some idiot youtube fanatic that wants to be relevant. All I am saying make it where snipers can still compete cause with your irrational nerf they will no longer be able to compete. It's not quickscoping that's the problem it's the fact that one shot to two shot kill weapons are too easy to use not because they are too strong. Black Ops 1 after they patched the snipers was perfect I was quickscoped maybe once or twice in a month why? Because using the snipers took actual skill. Just because the snipers right now throw off the arcade feel to the game doesn't mean you nerf them irrationally. I understand that it's a proposal but it doesn't make sense and it's irrational no one would be able to snipe anymore.

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    Quickscoping has pretty much killed off any interest I have in COD right now. That and the god awful spawns and lag. It's just plain garbage.


    BO1 was unplayable until three months after its release. That was when they finally "toned down" the lag. BO2 never fixed the horrible lag. I only played it to kill time until Ghosts. Now Ghosts is in ridiculous shape. I'll play Ghosts until the next "highly anticipated" game, made by Respawn, comes out. I'm betting they will avoid the pitfalls COD has had the past two titles.

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    I watched that video yesterday. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I would recommend using a different video for a "quick-scoping in Ghosts" discussion.


    I find sniping quickly to be very effective and enjoyable in Ghosts, but this will get labeled as quickscoping to some. Also enjoy digging in and traditional sniping but this will be labeled as camping to others. There is no way for me to please everyone. The developers are in the same situation.


    Ultimately this is what the developers chose to have in their game. I'ld let them decide damage, range, and how they wish to address aim assist.

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    so when i start something i get why it's wrong not lets look at how this might be bad or good just kids doing the see,hear,speak no evil thing going on here. guess the comunity and the company will never change. well thats why LoL is better they don't make death threats to the developers over nerfs, or do what i see now. they still rage in game but atleast they have discussion i guess it's becuse squeekers aren't in League

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    the so called 'sniping' in COD has gotten ridiculous, when you see more players running and gunning with Sniper rifles than you do SMG's, then how can you honestly deny that there is something inherently wrong

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    Simple way to get rid of it is to increase the ADS time be a factor of 5 if the player is moving or standing, no complicated fixes needed and could be done by way of a simple patch

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      While I like the guys videos, Elpresador isn’t a skilled shooter or smart player. Of course he will get outgunned by snipers constantly. Gimping the hardest class to use constantly that much isn’t a fair solution. Not saying BS shots don’t happen, they clearly do, but this is more a network / lag & ping comp thing than anything else, as every gun can outgun you instantly in this game without you standing a chance. I Like Hanzo I enjoy sniping fast.

      The only "nerf" I would do is adding the miniscule blops timer to snipers that game had after patch one.four of that game, which won’t stop fast sniping, but forces people to aim & actually time after ads.

      Oh and he was playing vs bots, he would get destroyed playing with a bolt action rifle online, as his accuracy is below average, he would even do bad with the MSBS on average.

      Use the MSBS one burst wonder when vsing Qsers, it will make them whine and rage when done correctly.

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    If quickscoping is so "OP" I'm sure MLG teams will be full of QS'ers, right?


    No they won't. Why?


    BECAUSE IT ISN'T OP. So many of you are getting pissed because you're simply INCAPABLE of doing it yourself.


    Ask yourself why the big time youtubers (I'm talking competitve/MLG players) are NOT complaining about snipers - it's because they can still EASILY outgun someone quickscoping. If you're getting **** on by some average joe sniper in a lobby, chances are your k/d sucks and you're sick of getting poo'ed on by petty 10 year olds... thus you get your knickers in a twist because you're a fully grown man and you're being beaten by someone a third your age. Such a hard life isn't it? :3

    Don't like it? Get better at the game. Or play squads for the duration you have the game and QQ about how easy it is to snipe bots (pathetic). Or, do us all a favour and just sell the game and stop crying on the forums about something which will remain in the CoD franchise for as long as it still thrives in sales.

    Oh and for the record, if you're thinking of escaping this "broken mechanic" and want to use BF4 to do that, I'd advise you also stay away from that game. It's more than doable and effective in that game, too. Just a little harder than Ghosts.

    Man the **** up and get better at the game. Stop ***** whinging. L2p - or just gtfo.

    This game is broken because of the lag compensation and the sheer size/layout of the maps, NOT the sniping mechanics.

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      liked your post, but:


      1 - please for the love of god learn what lag compensation is before saying things that do not even make sense.

      2 - not everyone is mad about it because they are incapable of doing it.  The point is: If everyone was capable, it would bring the game down to everyone only using 1 gun set, and 1 play style which is not very exciting - that comment is not to well thought out (although ou are not the 1st to say it)


      You are correct though, that QS is not OP, and not everyone has the perception and hand-eye coordination to do it (unless of course they are being cheap and cheating at it, which I will not get into here).


      As well, for anyone who thinks that QS is an abuse of Aim Assist, sorry but you are truly mistaken (and just because Josh Olin said that, does not make it real).


      The only way that they can prevent people from quickscoping (and be aware that people have a difference of opinion of what quickscoping actually is), you would almost have to do what they did in BO1:


      - remove the capability of being able to ADS quickly with a sniper

      - make it so when you did ADS, the cross hairs would not center in the middle of the screen


      And we all now how that one played out.