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Venom T3am Now Recrui PS3/PS4 & Xbox360/Xbox1 Committed Players Only


Clan Name: Venom T3am


Commander: GhostDog1Z2 (PS3)


We're a clan that is accepting applications and invites for PS3/PS4 & Xbox 360/Xbox One

Our Clan K/D is currently a 1.07 and gaining


At this time, we're an up and coming clan, we're at lvl 5 but being a part of a clan that earns the famed Gold clan tag is better than joining a ready made clan and having it given to you.


~We are also searching for more Lt. Commanders across the above mentioned platforms.~

What we ask of new members is please..

  • Don't fight with one another.
  • Respect your Leaders decision on things.
  • Don't hack.
  • Be active.
  • Participate in the Clan, meaning party up with people and get some games done.
  • Don't harass the females.
  • Have fun


For recruiting, we don't have any strict requirements right now. We do want players to have a positive K/D, but at least have a positive Win/Loss ratio if you don't have the positive K/D.


For being in Venom T3am, we want everyone to have a positive experience in the clan. Since, when joining you get to meet down to earth people that just wish to have fun on the game.

Also, we do have a Facebook page (Venom T3am). So, if you join, I'll be willing to add you to it to keep in contact. \m/


So yeah, apply now~! See you soon


Any questions, feel free to message GhostDog1Z2  on PSN. I'll reply as soon as I can.

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