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Noob System Link and Split Screen Question


We play local only split screen.


We are interested in getting another xbox360 and another copy of the game and putting it on the other TV in another room. 2v2 in two rooms. We have wired ether (gigabit) in both rooms.


Will this work? Even though the xbox360 is cheap now that the Xbox One is out, I don't want to waste the money on another box and game.


In summary:

2 XBox 360's

2 Copies of the game, one per box

2 TVs

Wired Ether


Will split screen work in each room/TV so we can have two players per team on each TV?

Which games? COD Black Ops II primary. Anything else that will work with this setup.


Although the kids will continue to slaughter their parents, it might help.


Happy Holidays.