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looking for a ps3 clan


I'm an active player, Im on pretty much everyday. looking for something chill ,  not looking for a clan with serious requirements to meet, just someone that needs another member thats online quite a bit and im down for clan wars and whatnot. hit me up on here or psn at : sethhyden.

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    psycho ops is a ps3 clan, were offering no requiremnts recruitment until midnight tonight


    clan name: Psyco Ops

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    ThndrGhst bro, search for my post. We just play for fun. Search for us in the app or give me your PSN id and ill send you an invits.

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    We're a Level 16 Clan competing in the Platinum Division of Clan Wars (we're in 1st place right now).  We have a lot of active members and play in squads of 4-6 to capture nodes.  We play all games types (except extinction).


    Find us on facebook: www.facebook.com/MadeUQuit

    Or look us up on the COD App: Made U Quit

    We'd love to have you on the team!


    Ray (BinLadensGhost)