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League Play Strange Placement


I have a question regarding league play, has anyone ever been randomly moved to a lower division?


I have been platinum for pretty much all of black ops 2, last season I was moved to master (finally). This season I placed platinum again.


After 1 game (which I won - top scored in game), I was moved to iron.... I have since been moved to 2 other iron divisions... lol


Does anyone know of this ever happening to them or anyone else? Not here to moan, just wondering if it is a bug or a common occurence?


Activision support were kind enough just to say play better and you will move up the ranks, ive done that...

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    I've never had this problem, but I'm not good enough to get out of Iron. The main problem I have with League Play is the "Fair matchmaking" which matches Iron 218 (Me) with Master 37 (Random dude). How is THAT fair matchmaking?

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    Yeah, a friend of me got the same problem, he got placed platinum and after 1 match he got 'promoted' to iron. Strange things happening with bo2. I lost 1220 point today while I won the game:S

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    I have had the same deal..where I won 4/5 placement matches having either top score and/or second along with playing the objective. After my last match it told me awaiting placement so i won about 5 matches after that still no division so I got off and came back the next day and I'm in iron division.... Yet it puts me up against platinum and masters and end up beating them, no promotion;however, I get offline for a few hours and come back been promoted to bronze. It waits until I get offline to promote me instead of promoting me while Im playing. I think it is just the PS3 version of BO2 that it glitched out and still have bugs..


    I play under my lady name on 360 playing League Play and I'm in master's and I get promoted while I'm playing;however, you have to deal with so many booters that is isn't even funny.Now it's just sad and pathetic!!!!!!


    So it's not just you, it's other people as well.. I know for a fact that normally when you win 4/5 placement you get either high gold placement or platinum placement, but on placement you get iron division

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    I play on a PS3 too. I won 5/5 of my placement games with a 3.0 K/D ratio or higher, while playing the objective and getting top player each time... I then had to wait 3 days of "Awaiting placement" only to be put into bronze league, yet I still enter lobbies with an entire enemy team of masters while my team ends up being bronze or iron league.