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Black Ops 2 VS Ghosts


I play Ghosts from the beginning and I am very disappointed. There is too much Cheaters and the Game is very bad made.

So I decided yesterday to play BO2 and I was so happy. BO2 is one of the best games of all time.

I recommend to all those who intend to buy Ghosts do NOT BUY, please buy Black Ops 2 with all the DLC and you'll be happy.

I'm disappointed in IW how they behave to customers.

If IW would offer all incoming DLCs for free and eliminate at least the biggest bugs and all cheaters in the game, then I'll consider it to buy a game from them once again. Until then, f... y.. IW and Ghosts.

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    agree, i reinstalled BO2 after playing Ghosts, it's better and more polished than this piece of crap

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    I thought like u BO2 the story so excited than Ghost so much and have many the way to another ending .Ghost nothing so plainly . Important BO2 Not have a proble with slutering .Crossfire not support like GHOST .
    Overall I love BO2  so much to hate GHOST but i love my Dog Guard .LOL

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      My vote is for BO2 but you can never beat a classic like COD4 MW

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        Agreed, COD4 is still a fantastic game. Last weekend I played for 5 hours on my regular clan run servers, it was so much fun. And most importantly the server is well adminned, cheat free, no swearing or racist remarks and everyone is always friendly. You just can't get that with matchmaking.


        Having said that I occasionally enjoy BO2 and it's far superior to Ghosts. My GTX Titan completely maxes the game out without even breaking a sweat. It also looks way better. Better textures, better AA, better colors, better everything.

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        Both are good ... Win-Win!


        We all can agree Ghosts blows and we're all frustrated to hell!

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    same here currently playing BO2 as i use game pad and ghosts you cant disable aim assist, theres no satisfaction in using it.

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    i played 250 hours at BO2 and i NEVER got a hacker always under 100ms with a ping shower true dedicated server (on PC) very nice support...


    in ghosts played 100 hours got alots of hackers very very laggy no support no dedicated server no ping shower.


    so ghosts u regressed compared to BO2.