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New Clan


Hey hopefully I have posted this right >.>

I am looking for some people to join the clan I have recently made called EnemyRExpendible. We play Black ops 2 primarily We use regular guns and play all game modes You do need a 2K/D+ to join or prove to me that you are a very good player, even if your states say otherwise. Please message me on Xbox, my GT is NINJUH KITTEN. Hope to see you soon!

By the way if you are wondering about my states, they're: K/D: 2.35, SPM: 400. I also mess about a lot but I play Team Death match plenty and my K/D in that is a 3.30

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    These forums are quite dead now and typically this would be moved by a moderator...but



    Black Ops II Clans



    You should have better luck there.  Its strictly for clans recruiting and people looking for clans to join.  Not sure your experience on running a clan, but you may want to consider expanding your clan's games' to Ghosts.  It is very difficult to grow a clan on an older version game and on top of that...on an older console.  Just my 2 cents...but good luck with things!

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      Ahh cheers dude I saw that sub section but for some reason it wouldn't let me on so I thought it was closed. I don't really play Ghosts because, like a lot of other people, I don't find it fun

      Thank you for bring where to post to my attention