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New Clan! Xbox 360 BO2. EnemyRExpendible! Join today :D


Hey hopefully I have posted this right >.>

I am looking for some people to join the clan I have recently made called EnemyRExpendible. We play Black ops 2 primarily We use regular guns and play all game modes You do need a 2K/D+ to join or prove to me that you are a very good player, even if your states say otherwise. Please message me on Xbox, my GT is NINJUH KITTEN. Hope to see you soon!

By the way if you are wondering about my states, they're: K/D: 2.35, SPM: 400. I also mess about a lot but I play Team Death match plenty and my K/D in that is a 3.30

Also please have a mic as it will be very useful to call out etc.

To join play a 1v1 against me and if you get 15 or above then you can join