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COD Ghosts Crashing every 2 minutes of gameplay!


Okay, after opening one support ticket with Activision suggesting that the best solution (which didn't work) was to reinstall the game, I have speant nearly $1400 on a totally new rig in the past 2 weeks with brand new hardware in hopes of eliminating any random crash issues, but it appears that that isn't good enough. WHY CANT I PLAY THE GAME FOR MORE THAN 2 MINUTES WITHOUT IT CRASHING?!?!?!?!?!? Before you ask I have tried the recommendations for third party game support, it didn't work. I have tried reinstalling all drivers it didn't work. I speant $1400 dollars on a new cpu, motherboard, memory, power supply, cooling system, SSD, HHD, case and a partridge in a freaking pair tree and yet the game still crashes. Before you ask, I do not receive any kind of error. The game just blacks out and returns to Windows and I have to end process in task manager. I still hear background audio but no game. Again, please don't ask me for an error message because there isn't one. Please don't ask me if I've updated my drivers, because I have.


GeForce GTX 660

Intel i7-3770K CPU@ 3.5 GHz

16.00 GB RAM DDR3

1920 x 1080, 60Hz resolution

Nvidia GeForce Driver 331.82

Microsoft Windows 7


If there is no other solution at this point I have no idea why mass refunds aren't being requested. If anyone from Activision, can read this, please explain why you released your game with so many crash issues!!!


Please advise a solution or advise how to collect my refund if you cannot.




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    Did you buy the game through steam or in disc format? Was it from a trusted retailer? Given everything your going through it sounds like you got a busted game disc (ie isn't legit or maybe the game files are corrupted.) Just process of elimination, if your rig is good, your OS good, your hardware good, your drivers good, memory is good and your graphics good.... then its your software mate.

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    Hello Obie146,


    Thanks for providing all this information, did you make sure to try verifying the game cache before launching the game? Is this happening in both multiplayer and single player? Try turning off the Dynamic Fur and PhysX turbulence options in the Advanced Video settings. Also, you can set your graphics settings in the Nvidia Control Panel to run on the application settings or set them to the lowest values and slowly inch them up until you get a good mix of performance and quality. Let us know if that works for you!




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      When you mention turning off PhysX turbulence, do you mean through the NVidia control panel as I do not see an option for "turbulence" in the advanced video options. Also if you are referring to the control panel for NVidia, should I have PhysX run off the GPU or the CPU or both (current setting)?