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Clan MW3 - Looking for a clan too join [PS3]


Name:GeT_sKillZz x

I'm looking for a serious clan to join in MW3, can also play in BO2. I have experience of Call of Duty, has played since CoD 4.

My name was created about 6-7 years ago in the beginning of Cod 4. "GeT" stands for a old clan i had, back in the days when "Elite" didn't  existed. We played in teams all the time so i have experience of how to be a team player. My name is a bit childish, but like i said, i made it 6-7 years ago.


I often use sniper but if sniper isn't needed in a match i can also play with Assault, Sub machine guns and so on.


When i say that i'm looing for a serious clan i what the hole package.


- Team work

- Clan vs Clan

- A enthusiastic and good leadership

- A good concept and professional view of the clan

- Leader must aleast be +16 years old and experienced

Why i have those terms is because thats what primarily keeps a clan going.

GeT_sKillZz x

Real name: Lukas

Age: 18


Class: Sniper (Most often)

Microphone: Yes

~Stay strong & GeT sKillZz~