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City Of Gods Clan


City Of Gods

City Of Gods is a new call of duty clan I’ve decided to start up for the ps3 and for the next gen, I am looking for really competitive players as I will be looking to go into competitions with the best of the clan members, I was previously with PxxG formally known as OwN a group of really good gamers but I decided to branch out and do my own thing as I feel I can achieve what I am looking to achieve with me directing the approach and the vision, If you are a gamer who needs a challenge and wants to get the best out of your overall game then this is the clan for you as I am looking to push your ability with -tactics with -movement and with -accuracy we can be the best

If Interested you can contact me on:

Email: Special-T-419@hotmail.com

Twitter: @Specialt419

Youtube: Specialt419

PSN: Special-T-419 or AlphaanOmega-419