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Varsity Clan PS3 Recruitment!!


Heey everybody!! Its me Varsity_Frags here, im the leader of the brand new clan called VarsityClan. So what i want to say is that im recruiting for this brand new clan.

Varisty Clan - YouTube


Check it out! Its still brand new im just trying to get more players on here.


So if you want to try out you must have these requirements-

1.Must be ps3 only

2.Really amazing sniper

3.Have a youtube channel(with content on it)

4.Must be able to record and make montages

5.Must be a awesome person

6.Also make a brand new ps3 account and going like Varsity_...

7.Must have dropbox(so you can send me the montage)

So if you have these requirements just contact me on youtube and have a awesome time