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Clan vs Clan: What would you like to see?


My question is simple: what would you like to see in the Clan vs Clan playlist? How would you like to see it changed and how would you like it to evolve? How should it effect clan wars?


A few observations:

Clan wars in general seems to be very much geared towards the casual player. It is not based on skill but on time invested (wins), and rewards players playing together. Personally I really like this for obvious reasons; it promotes the community to play together and work together in game.


I personally would like to see Clan vs Clan take up the competitive aspect of the game, just like league play did in Black Ops 2. However iW has an awesome opportunity, and that is to take the best of league play and mix it with the best of Clan wars. Perhaps there can be a way to play against the same limited amount of clans that are similar in skill? Promote lasting rivalries and competition between clans?


Lastly I think that the rewards and effects of Clan vs Clan should be completely separate from Clan wars itself. I think that it would help the community for there to be a competitive option and a more casual option, and that there is little overlap between the two. I think the point should be to provide more options and dynamics without causing division.


Thoughts? And how could it be implemented?

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    In my dream world, I would have a party of 5 or 6 teammates and I could simply go to the Clan vs Clan playlist, select the game mode we would want to play, and then get matched up with a party of the same size (5 or 6 depending) and we would then battle in a best of 5 match with random maps.


    If either team were to lose a player in the middle of the battle a count down clock could start to allow the player to get back into the match, IDK 1 minute?  If the player was unable to get back in the game then the team who lost the player can be given the loss.


    All the players would need to be the same throughout the battle and only clan members would be allowed in the party.


    There would be a stat that shows each clans record and unlocks can be given for reaching certain win totals.  Each game mode can have its own set of unlocks as well (to encourage people to try different modes).



    It would also be nice to be able to view each clan who was ready to battle and simply challenge them...I am thinking along the lines of how you would in a Madden lobby...  The only downside to letting people challenge others is that they would have a direct way to boost...where as if it just lined up everyone randomly then it would be much harder.


    Seems too simple to me.

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    I'd love to see a clan v. clan w/l ratio listed separately.


    I really wish infinityWard tracked stats the way Treyarch does. I remember in Black Ops I being able to look at a players K/D and being able to evaluate how effective this player was by going and seeing if his weapon K/D or if killstreaks were responsible. You could also see how many motion sensors he used to see if that was his crutch for his kills. You could quickly evaluate players stats and create classes to counter their playstyles. All we have to read from now is K/D, favorite weapon, win streak, wins, and games played. The last three don't mean anything because anyone can dashboard to preserve their w/l ratio. A problem that's long been needing a fix.

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    I'D like to see hardcore clan vs clan.

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    I really like 4v4. I've played a bunch of team tactical with a full party, and it is very intense. You have limited resources (teammates) and you have to use your team wisely. I wouldn't mind more people in Clan v Clan, but i do like the 4v4 for now. I want to see a ladder system implemented, with strict penalties for leavers and an inability to leave once you see who your enemy is. (Same as BO2 if I remember correctly)


    While I do want to see clan wars completely separate (no way that Clan v Clan could give you CP or a leg up at all), it would be really cool if somehow iW gave incentives to challenge clans within your clan war to a Clan v Clan match. Unlocks, extra clan xp, whatever. It would be cool to see rivalries and grudge matches come from this.

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    Connectivity could be a real problem, and the fact that if theres a clan which dominates the others they are regularly grouped with, they'll quickly find those who they have stuffed several times will simply abandon the playlist altogether, leading to increasingly worse connections as the MM system searches further and further afield. Rage-quitting and Host Dashes will be RIFE in such a playlist, so Dedi's would be a must in the interests of fairness.


    In my experience, most clans do NOT like losing. That is a problem in and of itself. For all the trumpeting about competitive play, there is a distinct lack of sporting conduct within this community, ergo IMO pubstomping is the best format for competition atm.


    Dont get me wrong though, I like your idea and I feel it deffo has a place within the CoD repertoire. Just need to 'adjust' attitudes a little first.

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    Definitely 6 vs. 6; as well as, Ground Wars (9 vs. 9 with 3 random game types [TDM, KC, and Dom])...perfect for many of the larger maps.


    It's also unfortunate clan vs clan isn't encouraged during Clan Wars (seems like a no brainer, right?) TDM is the only game type you can intentionally choose, and again, the 4 win max is a limiter.


    If you fight with honor, fight with HONOR.

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      Clan v. Clan needs:


      • Dedicated servers

              -This will allow accurate tracking of wins and losses to prevent dashboarding for stat preservation

      • Hiding prestige emblem and stats

              -This, too, will help to prevent quitting and backing out(take your loss like a man)

      • Alternatively they could automatically lock in the match when it becomes 4 v 4
      • Exclusive unlocks relating to the game mode

              -This will give incentive to play the game mode

      • Randomized game modes and randomized maps

              -This should include all gamemodes including the hardcore variants

              -I can see difficulties arising here such as not having appropriate scorestreaks for certain game types

      • Tiered ranking system

              -This will keep clans playing clans with similar amounts of wins together

              -I can see an issue with not having a clan online or local with a similar win percentage


      Any additional inputs are helpful

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    I'm really glad you posted this question.


    I feel like we are mostly in a similar predicament. I was a casual COD player when BO2 came along and League Play changed that drastically. I was hooked because I could be ranked against the entire PS3 (whatever your platform is) community. This definitely changed my mentality toward COD. As a result, I played only League Play, played COD more often, and stopped playing other games.


    I like Clan Wars for similar reasons that I liked League Play, but it's not the same. As you said, Clan Wars is geared toward the casual player. There is no sense of where I or my Clan rank in the COD community until the next Clan War starts. I have no clue how we ended up in gold or whatever division. This seems to miss the mark of capitalizing on my competitive spirit.


    I don't have a suggestion on how to improve this factor, but this is what I am missing in Clan Wars.