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★[C]row wall hacker recorded


Just got out of a round where I was recording this guy [Removed by Moderator].  He is a wall hacking POS.  He joined after the round had started, but as soon as he shows up you see him hacking.  After my first death by this guy, I kept watching this guy on the score board and as he would kill me because he looked suspicious. Horrible round, but I got him several times wallhacking via the playback and by the end of the round, it is obvious when he shots me thru a wall where I was not visible not to mention him following me several times thru walls. [Removed by Moderator]

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    I should mention he was reported in game for Ghosts Online Code of Conduct because he stayed long enough.  Most of the hackers are smart enough to disconnect earlier so you don't have time to report them in game. 

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    I understand your frustration, but name and shame is not allowed on the forum.


    Please continue to report players in-game who violate, or you suspect of violating, the Ghosts Online Code of Conduct. This is the official and most direct course of action to notify Infinity Ward of player misconduct.

    Helpful tip - Players who leave the lobby quickly after a match can still be reported through the recent players list. To access this list, press the F1 key while at the multiplayer main menu and a new window will appear. Click the arrows over until

    Recent Players is displayed. Scroll through the players and select the one you wish to report.

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