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tips on escaping with relics?


i've escaped once but i'm almost prestige 4 now i'm looking for some tips or help on escaping with relics. so far i use the tank class with sentry gun and riot shield  feral instincts and the full auto pistol .. just wondering what relics would be good to start out with to help me escape and what order should i use ? also is there a trophy for escaping with all 4 people?

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    I don't think there is a trophy for escaping with 4 people with a relic. But I escaped with 4 relics on solo. I used this setup:


    All relics except the smaller wallet one, you'll need the cash.


    Full auto pistol works just fine.

    Body Armor to protect yourself from Rhinos or Swarms of Aliens. A total life saver.

    Sentry Guns are highly recommended.

    If you only run with 3 relics, then use the weapons specialist class for higher damage with your death machine.

    Type of ammo: well it's your choice.


    So when playing Solo, upgrade your death machine to max level as quick as possible. Be very accurate to conserve ammo and earn your cash back to continuously earn that death machine over and over again. Then upgrade your sentry to at least level 1. Then try to max out Body Armor to live much longer. You don't have to worry about Rhinos too much, that minigun will make short work of it.Then simply shoot your way out during your escape and TAA-DAA! You did it!

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    Keep jumping in an out of lobbies until you find another 3 ppl with mics, its going to be hard at the moment because of all the xmas noobs.


    The people also should have a good class setup, if they don't back out and look for other people.