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Lost Connection to Host


With all the Christmas noobs its seems every other match I lose connection to the host. The latest game I was 11-0 and calling in a maniac when it happened. WTF. Anybody else running in to this

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    Yep. I sure have been. I've never seen more lost connections to the host until Christmas time. If it's related to the new players, I'd hope they would have a ready made solution to it, considering it's something they should've forseen.


    I'm still disappointed with Ghosts. There is so much to fix with this game, it feels like a beta, IMHO. I've been getting killed by spawning in front of enemies, and enemies spawning behind me. It's been getting worse actually. How it's getting worse is baffling. Are they experimenting with the spawn logic or seriously settling on what they've implemented so far?

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      @RunAnd Gun1 I can only echo your view buddy, been having this issue myself lately a total pain in the butt if you ask me.


      @ jeffm597, got the same happen to me on a number off occasions just yesterday, the crazy thing was that I do believe that I was the host...duh!


      OK, there will be issues with games, but most if not all should be fixed after the beta release and before the game goes out too the paying public.

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    I Haven't been able to play more than about ten minutes without loosing connection.  Ive got 10.5 download and 1.5 upload.  This should be a good enough connection to play?  I remember that BO2 went through this issue for a while.