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Ghost freezing


So l see lots of posts about the game freezing while ending a multiplayer game as it goes back into the lobby. I see lots of seemingly helpful support staff read the textbook answer while activision posts a beautifully written disclaimer about how this isn't their fault. They blame everything from the console, to the disc to the internet provider. Well l'm here to tell you that it is something that you have done in the last update... Check this out! I have 2 separate networks in my house... 3 different ps3 consoles (2 original first generation and now for christmas the 2014 nhl ps3 edition console)... 2 different copies of ghosts... Any combination of disc, console & internet line, GUESS WHAT? They freeze. I've even gone as far as reformatting each console and trying that as well, GUESS WHAT? They freeze. Cleaning both discs which don't have a mark on them? Yup you guessed it. They still freeze. This started at the time of the psn crash on december 25th And it has continued now for 3 days. Just fix the game already, tell us you are aware of the issue and you are working on it. Take some onus.  I can see why so many are frustrated when they are getting the textbook (macro command) answer.